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Welcome to Seattle I-Liq Chuan

I-Liq Chuan (pronounced "ee lee chan") is an Internal Chinese Martial Art that has become known for its effectiveness as a combative fighting art as well as for it's Mental Physical Awareness training for health and spirit.

The practice of I Liq Chuan develops the ability to react spontaneously to attacks and not relying upon pre-arranged responses, through its specialized partner practices of Spinning Hands & Sticky Hands. We train to develop physical connection thru the body and awareness with the mind so that defensive and offensive martial technique arises out of the moment rather than trying to draw on a pre-arranged self-defense sequence out of the memory. Hence, as a Martial Art, I Liq Chuan is often referred to as having a Zen Mind and Tai Chi Body.

There are three pillars to the I Liq Chuan System. We learn how to train thru the Philosophy & Concepts. We train to Unify the Mental & Physical within ourselves via the 15 Basic Exercises, the 21 Form and the Butterfly Palm Form. Lastly we train to Unify with the Opponent by training Spinning Hands, Sticky Hands, Chin Na (seizing & joint locks) and Sanshou (freestyle sparring).

Brief History

I Liq Chuan is a Hakka Chinese Martial Art. Most Hakka systems in China are still closed to Westerners. I Liq Chuan was founded in 1976 by Grandmaster Chin Lik Keong and derived from several Martial Arts he mastered in Malaysia. These include the Internal Hakka styles Lu Yie Pa Kua, Hsing-I Pa Kua or Liew Mun Pai (nomadic clan) in addition to Lee Style and Phoenix Eye Kung Fu. The I Liq Chuan System has been continued and expanded by his son Master Sam F.S. Chin who is the current Gatekeeper and First Generation Lineage Holder.

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